4glworks reference: Menu utilities


file imnul.4gl
function getfirstkey(dm)
    define dm	char(25)
returns k, char(1), first uppercase character in string
purpose Extracts the first uppercase character in the argument.
example none
  • Useful to quickly determine menu accelerator keys
  • returns null if no uppercase character is found


file imnul.4gl
function prog_done()
returns t, boolean, user's response
purpose Opens a "Terminate application" query window, and returns user's choice
example none
notes none


file imnul.4gl
function set_browse_keys()
returns nothing
purpose Sets up accelarator keys for a typical browser
example none
notes performs the following bindings
  • up arrow key to MB_prevrow
  • down arrow key to MB_nextrow
  • f2 key to MB_prevrec
  • f3 key to MB_nextrec
  • page up key to MB_prevpage
  • page down key to MB_nextpage
  • f1 key to MB_home
  • f4 key to MB_end
  • tab key to MB_nextpane


file imnul.4gl
function set_stb_menu()
returns nothing
purpose Sets up messages for a typical data entry viewer.
example none
notes Enables the following messages on the first pane:
  • MB_chooseset
  • MB_newrec
  • MB_copyrec
  • MB_changerec
  • MB_deleterec

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