4glWorks: prices & licensing info

Fame and fortune. that's all I'm after.
Fortune, I have given up on quite some time ago, so you might just have the product for free.

As for the fame bit, my only wish is that you tell the world you used 4glWorks to write your fine piece of software. How you do it, is up to you, but remember that it's you that tells the world, and not the world that asks!

License, Distribution

Just one or two no-no's, really. 4glWorks may be used by an unlimited number of users on an unlimited number of computers (provided that are yours and not somebody else's).

You may write as many applications as you wish and give them away in whichever way you see fit.
You're free to modify the source code to any extent, if that suits your needs (note that the original code & the documentation remains my intellectual property).

The distribution file may be freely handed to whoever you think he deserves it, provided that you don't ask money for it (that does not stop you from asking money in order to recover distribution costs, though).

Copyright or disclaimer notices removal or modification (other than additions to clarify that you are the one to blame for the fine mess you have made of my code) is a definite don't.
I am not particularly keen on source forking and a miriad of slightly differing distributions out and about, so if you want to redistribute modified code, I would very much appreciate if you could submit your stuff for a possible inclusion in the next stable release. Better still, you could package your additions into a separate module (hey! isn't this what 4glWorks is all about?!), clearly labelled to be independent from 4glWorks, and distribute that one instead.

Warranties, liability and other legal mumbo jumbo

4gl comes in three flavours and a number of different releases, which Informix claims to have ported to some 450 different machines. I simply cannot afford to buy them all, so don't expect me to assure you that 4glWorks supports your particular configuration.

It is my firm convincement that 4glWorks only use is application development (but I sure am short on imagination, so do tell me if you find another). This however does not mean that 4glWorks is good enough to develop the one you have in mind.

What I am up to is that you get what you pay for, and you are already getting the full source code, so it is your responsibility to see that 4glWorks meets your requirements and runs smoothly on your system. If, after you have decided to use it, you find it doesn't, well don't blame me.

Remember that the one that develops your application is you and not me. Simply put this means that you, and you alone, are responsible for any code you give out, consequences of its use, etc, etc.

My previous employers, Achea Srl, Rem Radioterapia Srl and Informix Software Ltd., have nothing to do with this product, so please leave them alone.

My current employer, IBM UK Ltd, is barely aware that this site and the software packages here published exist, so don't even think of calling Tech Support on any issues you might have with it.


None whatsoever.
Hmmm.. I think I'll rephrase that.
I'll joyfully reply to all questions and truly try to fix any bug. I only don't want to commit myself to doing something I could not be able to because of lack of brains or time.
On the other hand, you have the full source code, so you may as well try to solve the problem yourself.

When writing, try not to ask me to design your entire app, but limit yourself to specific, well put questions, since:

Finally, bear in mind that I may have slight problems in fixing bugs or otherwise give advice on code that you have modified.


That depends on your response. Or on me having new and brilliant ideas. Or on you asking for new features. Or better still on you implementing the new features yourself. If you intend to redistribute modified source, however, please remember to let me know

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